Friday, March 25, 2011

My Greatest Business Influence

I was asked a question once on an interview, “Who was your greatest business influence, Coleen?”  keep in and I've been working in the Design/Build business for several years and have met many wonderful, influential people, but I paused for only a second and my answer was “My Mom and Dad!” 

In all my time as an adult (a good 23 years) working, I have jumped from job to job to further my career, never having any one company value a good employee just worried about themselves or when you made too much  how could they get the same for less. (And they always do!) I thought through all of this how my Father has been with the same company for at least 40 years and my Mother was a dedicated Mother, coach, wife, aunt, daughter, cook, I could go on and on for 20 years (I’m pretty sure she hasn't stopped being any of them with any of us!) and after and through all of that worked for 25 years in our school system. Both my parents went back to college through all of this and earned their degrees.  They never missed a day of work, never complained, were dedicated and loyal and stuck it out though even the very hard scary times they encountered while working at these places.  I don’t know any person in my age group that can say that, or be even remotely close to that.  

My Mother will be retiring this year from my high school after 25 years, and my Father (we joke will never retire) is planning his exit soon too.  They have taught me more in just what they did then they ever could have told me.  I bring my Father’s dedication and drive to every job and my Mother’s wit and charm!  

So back to my interview….”who was your greatest business influence, Coleen?”  I simply replied “my Mom & Dad, there is no greater influence on a child than a parent and I have two very amazing parents!”

Thanks Mom and Dad

Your loving daughter, Coleen

p.s. they loved my answer, offered me the job but I turned it down….just in case you were wondering!