Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Method for Quality Leads

Certified Lead Services 
Our Method for Quality Leads

Scheduled Lead Consultation
When a lead comes into your office the potential client is asked very basic information then asked to set an appointment with your Project Coordinator.

Initial phone call
On the scheduled phone call day and time our Certified Lead Specialist will spend 35-50 minutes gathering information to determine if a lead is qualified or unqualified to move forward with your company.

Information Gathered
1.     Right financial investment
2.     The project meets the company’s portfolio
3.     the need = the want 
4.     Who else are they speaking to?
5.     A real “picture” of what they want
6.     Does the client have a realistic expectation on completion, time to design, and the entire process?
7.     Set up the expectation for the first initial consultation with sales (i.e.: design agreement, who is coming, how long to expect for..)
8.     What is the real reason for the project?

Build Relationships and Trust
Making the client feel at ease for your first initial call by setting the expectation.  Building a relationship between your company and the client is crucial to keeping the sales call not feel pressured when in their home.

Appointment Setting
When our Certified Lead Specialist determines the client meets all the criteria to move forward an appointment is made with your sales department. Immediately after the call a follow up email thanking the client for their time and confirming the appointment is made. 

…Peter Donovan tried to train his already busy receptionist/Office manager to do the job,…the message wasn’t getting across..”people like Coleen; her job is to give them the attention they deserve…Donovan has seen qualified leads rise…saving money…”I have someone who gets it and thoroughly knows the system…”
 Performance Review Excerpt, Mastercraft Contracting

“…Coleen provides our clients personalized and professional attention to the details of their projects as well as keeping them informed about what to expect during each step of their project's development. “
 Performance Review Excerpt, The Whitehurst Group