Friday, April 22, 2011

Qualifying Green

Happy Earth Day 2011

I have attended several green-themed marketing seminars and began to consider how I might evaluate a homeowner’s interest in green for the remodeler's that offer sustainable building services.

The techniches that I have developed to evaluate incoming leads is also used but then using the five green consumer types defined by Corinne Asturias, of cultural trend research company Iconoculture, to figure out where the prospect falls in terms of their commitment to green:

  • Extreme Greens value change, commitment, and creativity. These consumers also are influenced by success and their own personal politics.
  • Health Seekers have a safety, wellness, and family focus. They want to clean up the planet.
  • Money and Autonomy–type customers already own Energy Star-approved products and appliances; they rate practicality and thrift as their top values.
  • Conservationist and Preservationist types value authenticity, environmentalism, and preservation.
  • Green-Sheen or Eco-Chic's value status, style, and a sense of belonging.

    The idea here is that it would make sense to  figure out what kind of customer we are dealing with and at what level of "green" they are at so we could avoid overwhelming them with too much green information at the first meeting!

    Every homeowner is concerned with the planet in someway, and at their own level if we can arm ourselves when we enter their home we can be prepared as to how to approach the topic of green with the client!

    Happy Earth Day Everyone...!