The Process!

Why Lead Qualification ?

Many of us have a short system in place to determine who they should go see and review the project being considered.  I used to be one of them!  I knew to ask where they lived, what kind of project they wanted, name, address, etc…but I never got to the real problem or reason as to why the project is being considered.

Like many of us I would hear 2nd story addition and I would feel a tingling in my toes of excitement to have a job like this on my calendar! Then as fast as that rush would come and after jumping through hoops to get my salesperson out to the potential job site as fast as I could , that pit in my stomach feeling would come when the salesperson would come back with a laundry list of reasons they didn’t get the job.  After several years of playing the game of 1 to 20 , 1 lead for every 20 we would go out on, and seeing the money we were spending to do all of this hope and a prayer qualification process, it was time for change.

The Change! 
Clients would call into the office and I would stop talking and start listening, asking questions only to get more information out of them and keep them talking! The more they talked the more I realized I knew what they needed before ever stepping one foot out the door!

What began happening was while speaking with clients for at least 40 minutes instead of 5 minutes, and really understanding the need of the remodel, who was driving the project, did they have plans, how long have they been considering the project, what is the financial investment (which by the way I get every time, and 90% of the time its dead on!)and most importantly I was gaining their trust and making a connection with the homeowner like no one else had! 

The salesperson would go out to the appointments I set ready to talk to the potential client armed with a boatload of information, but best of all the client was at ease when they arrived and all the expectations of what was going to happen at the appointment were already taken care of when I spoke to them on the initial call.

The Process!

Scheduled Lead Consultation
When a lead comes into your office the potential client is
asked very basic information then asked to set an
appointment with your Project Coordinator.

Initial phone call
On the scheduled phone call day and time our Certified
Lead Specialist will spend 35-50 minutes gathering
information to determine if a lead is qualified or unqualified
to move forward with your company.

Information Gathered
  1. Right financial investment
  2. The project meets the company’s portfolio
  3. the need = the want
  4. Who else are they speaking to?
  5. A real “picture” of what they want
  6. Does the client have a realistic expectation on completion, time to design, and the entire process?
  7. Set up the expectation for the first initial consultation with sales (i.e.: design agreement,who is coming, how long to expect for..)
  8. What is the real reason for the project?
  9. Decision Making:  "Ok, now assume you're ready to go ahead with this project.  Tell me, how will you choose....what factors will you consider...what will you need to know, to determine the contractor or firm that, in your opinion, will be the best firm for you to go with on this project?"

  10. When this is understood, your client will be better able to prepare for it and demonstrate their ability to 'look the part' of a 'preferred provider' . . . better than any other firm their prospect is considering hiring for a project.

Building Solid Relationships and Trust

Making the client feel at ease for your first initial call by setting the expectation. Building a relationship between your company and the client is crucial to keeping the sales call not feel pressured when in their home.

Appointment Setting

When our Certified Lead Specialist determines the client meets all the criteria to move forward an appointment is made with your sales department.  Immediately after the call a follow up email thanking the client for their time and confirming the appointment is made.

Take the time to come up with a solid qualification process, where you can slow down and listen to the potential client and really get to the core of why they called you in the first place! 

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