Thursday, August 21, 2014


Oh that first remember that right, or in my case I'd like to block it out of my memory!  I get a lot of good laughs out of watching all the reality shows on dating and how to do this better..... 

Then it got me thinking about what I do I guess you could consider me the 

Lead Matchmaker! 

Yep! I put the right lead to your company while using a specific technique to be sure the lead you find  fits you best and ends up being that first date you always hoped it would be! 

Just like in dating , our leads can become such a rush when we first see them and then after a couple dances we see they really are not all we expected....then across the floor we see the one that got away! 

Matchmaker Rules !
  1. Right financial investment!
  2. The project meets the company’s portfolio
  3. the need = the want
  4. Who else are they speaking to?
  5. A real “picture” of what they want
  6. Does the client have a realistic expectation on completion, time to design, and the entire process?
  7. Set up the expectation for the first initial consultation with sales (i.e.: design agreement,who is coming, how long to expect for..)
  8. What is the real reason for the project?
  9. Decision Making:  "Ok, now assume you're ready to go ahead with this project.  Tell me, how will you choose....what factors will you consider...what will you need to know, to determine the contractor or firm that, in your opinion, will be the best firm for you to go with on this project?"
    When this is understood, your client will be better able to prepare for it and demonstrate their ability to 'look the part' of a 'preferred provider' . . . better than any other firm their prospect is considering hiring for a project

The "dance" many of us do with potential clients should be kept for those that are ready to turn on the music and really get moving!