Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As a mother of three children I see every day how different they are.  Frustrating (is an understatement) as it may be to understand them, I have learned through studying the Enneagram how to deal with them a little bit better! 

How does this relate to Remodeling? 

After studying the Enneagram for several years I have applied it to my first initial call to the homeowner in my 30 to 40 minute interview.  When you understand to ask the right questions you can begin to understand what personality type you will be encountering on your first sales call.  This is invaluable information for your sales staff when they come to the home, knowing your sales personality and the homeowner’s personality will help to understand how the sales process is going to go with the homeowner.

See What Personality you are....its a great way to get started.  You have to understand who you are first in order to understand anyone else! 

When I began this process I baffled everyone...my trainer asked me what my birth order was, I replied "well I'm the first born and the middle child!"  Once you take the test and study the Enneagram you'll understand why I was a hard case to study!!

Learn who you are talking to so you can set yourself apart from the rest and make your clients feel comfortable because you understand them!

If you want more information please contact me at certifiedleadservices@gmail.com ...its always fun to meet new personalities!