Thursday, September 18, 2014


Welcome to our second installment of how to generate a successful, Qualified Lead!    

The first blog of this series, Getting to Know Youuuu, discussed the importance of building a solid relationship with your prospect by laying pillows to make them comfortable in discussing their remodeling project with you.  Now, we’ve come to the hard part, finding out the prospects financial investment for the project.  The part that I like to call, SHOW ME THE MONEY!  

When arriving at the financial investment, you need to know who you are talking to and what the personality is of the prospect.  The first step is to review and confirm all of the information you have gathered so far.  Next, ask if the prospect has done any research on the types of products they would like used in the project.  This allows you to get a better idea in your head of what the potential cost will be to the prospect.  In addition, this is another opportunity to bond (more pillows) and gain insight to the prospect’s likes and dislikes, potential budget range and if they’ve done any research at all for the project. 

Remember that when talking about financial investment, it’s always best to ask permission to ask the questions and speak in round numbers, making the situation as stress-free as possible!  The prospect may still be unwilling to talk about money, and that’s OK, just be prepared to provide rough ballpark ranges of similar work you have done.  Be sure to  put a disclaimer on these figures by reminding the client that no two homes or projects are the same and that you can only give a rough idea of what a project like this that they are considering may cost.  In providing these ranges, ask to speak “off the record”, for example:

                “Some projects that we’ve completed of this type have cost between $40 and $50,000
and some have been upward of $75,000.  Off the record, should we be considering
the $40 to $50,000 range or $75 and over?”

Asking to speak “off the record” takes the pressure off and the prospect knows they aren’t being held to any specific number which may make them more inclined to share the actual number they’ve had in mind the whole time.  It is far better for the homeowner to come to the realization of what the investment amount will be for the project then for us to tell them in the initial call!

Be prepared that the prospect may not know what their project will cost at all, or they know but don’t want to share the information.  Our last installment of this series; Overcoming the Obstacles, will discuss just that and set the path for the home visit!