Friday, April 10, 2015

Qualified Lead

Qualified Lead 

A lead or sales lead is defined by Wikipedia as ‘the identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service’.

Your first impression will create a lasting impression for any company in any industry.  Our industry DEMANDS it, the homeowner is already afraid of what “you’re going to do to them” from the first call.  The majority of caller’s agenda when looking to hire a contractor is to spend the least amount of money and receive the maximum return.  

When we give a kind, friendly, smart and nurturing professional answering the phone it makes the difference between you and the guy coming out tomorrow, you will set your company ahead of all the rest with the FIRST IMPRESSION made to them, and close the sale!

Gaining Control is all about you taking control of the call so that the potential client begins to be “trained” how to work with us…we have to teach them that we are in control….and will be through the entire process.  We set this expectation from the jump it will continue throughout.  Personalities may all be different and the way people react may be different but at the end of the day all people want to do is business with their friends and want to tell all their other friends too! 

What defines a qualified lead? 

1. What is the Need?
What are the needs or conditions that have to exist BEFORE your product or service would be valuable to a potential customer?

2. Who is Authorized? 

All players in the decision making process must be available to make the decision. 

3. Time Frame? 

Is the time frame to complete the service reasonable? 

4. What is the Financial Investment?

What is the real investment the customer’s has budgeted to buy your product or service?

You are the first impression of the company, you have the power to train the homeowner in Gaining Control of the call, and lastly you are who they are buying into.  If you keep a contagious positive attitude, remain self-assured and not arrogant and simply have fun the potential client is going to see how much price is not the #1 goal when completing their project and you win!